A transaction goes through several states (typically), these transaction statuses are the same for any order transaction including POS:

Inprogress - As soon as an order is generated it goes into status waiting. Our webhooks constantly monitor nodes to update status.

Expired - When an order expiration time comes, it means that the expected time for the payment has been passed and it is closed. If a payment comes after the expired state, we will still be able to detect it and will notify you by assigning an Unresolved indicator to order.  

Underpaid - An underpaid status means that the amount the merchant expected was not fulfilled. 

Paid - If an equal amount to order price has been received on the address the order is set to paid status. 

Overpaid - If more than the order amount is, has been received on the address for that specific order, the order status is set to overpaid

Confirmed - If an equal amount or more has been received on the order and all transactions have six or more confirmation, the order status is set to confirmed.