Passing the verification is mandatory for all users who want the payments to be automatically converted into Fiat currency.

Verification takes place from the verification page, which is located in the Profile Menu.

  1. Select a country from the drop-down field

  2. File attachment button

  3. Name field

  4. Contract download button

  5. Send button

To verify, you must fill in all the fields, attach the appropriate file, download the contract, and upload it to the appropriate field after signing. Then click the "Send" button and wait for the answer.

During the waiting period, each record will be given the status "Pending". .After all records are confirmed, you will be given the status of a verifier, which you will see on the same page.

Note that in some cases, the uploaded documents may not meet the requirements, in which case the record will be given the status "Rejected" and you will be able to re-upload the file.